Still waiting for that 800th follower to send a dirty pic to.

Celebrating Holy Saturday by fingering myself to some porn. 

Don’t forget! I’m 4 followers away from 800 and that person who is my 800th follower gets a special picture from me.

I’m currently at 792 followers, so lets make this a little game….

The 800th followers gets a private picture of me playing with my new vibrator. 

Horny and playing with myself in bed. Perfect Saturday afternoon.

I need to follow more (straight/bi) males who like posting pictures of their cocks…anyone out there? Like this and I’ll follow!


bliadddrwg79 asked:

Mmm, love it when I'm lucky. Glad you're back. Btw, great pic, your tits look fantastic. I'd love to have my cock in there before I used your throat for what it's meant.


I like that plan!


thedefinitionofahero asked:

Is it ok if I think about fucking your beautiful tits while masturbating?x


It’s more than okay!

The struggle….

Do I post pics of myself using my vibrator tomorrow or not?

Let me know what you think.